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5 Things To Prepare You For Your Purpose

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone enjoyed bringing in 2018, we are all blessed to see

another year. In studying God’s word, I learned that the Hebrew word for 18 is ‘Living,

Alive’. So you know what that means ladies. This is the year of feeling alive & LIVING in

your purpose!!

Each of us has a purpose. Rather you know what that purpose is or not you have

already started living it. Yes. You are living in your purpose right now! We serve a full

circle God. So you can believe that what you went through back in 2011 has meaning in

2018. Every failure, every mistake, every achievement serves towards your purpose.

Funny story, I remember as a child my aunt buying me books. I was so upset because

she bought my cousins jewelry. Little did I know God was preparing me for a love of

reading & writing. Since then I’ve fallen more & more into books & writing & here I am

today writing this blog for you! He doesn’t make mistakes, He knew who we were before

He formed us in our mother’s womb (Jeremiah 1:5). Although I know blogging is not

Gods ultimate plan for me, it definitely is a start to birth many things He has planned for

my life!

Now let’s not think that just because God has a plan for us this gives us the right to sit

around & wait for some sign to move forward. It doesn’t work like that. He expects us to

put in work & show Him we are worthy of all He has in store for our lives.

Have you ever met someone that life hasn’t changed at all? They’re still doing the same

things they were doing back in 08. Ever wonder why? Well I have and I came up with two


#1 they simply have no desire for more. They’re content with the life

they’re living.

#2 they want more but they can’t pass the tests that God is giving them.

It’s like wanting a promotion but doing nothing to show your boss that you deserve it.

I pray that no one reading this post falls in #1 or #2 in The Name of Jesus! And if you

do, God has given you a new day. Take advantage of it and change!

So what do you do to start working toward your purpose so that thing can eventually

manifest in your life?

Well first let me say if you don’t know your purpose then you need to spend more time

with God & pay attention to your strengths & passions. God does not put a desire in our

heart that He has no intentions to carry out.

Now, below is a list of 5 things you can do to start working & showing God you are

ready for the next level! So exciting!


We can learn from different women of the Bible like Deborah or Ruth who not only had a

plan but they also took the initiative to get things done. Strong, determined women have

a plan for their life.


When we go through something we are quick to either focus on the person who did us

wrong or play victim to what’s ‘happening to us’. You will never get anywhere with that

attitude. Listen to what God is teaching YOU & pass the test. It’s not about ‘them’, He is

preparing you.


(Oprah voice) Go to school, read books about your passion, volunteer or find a mentor

who is already doing what you want to. Get as much knowledge as you can.


Let me explain this one. Some of us (including myself, but I’m working on it) say yes to

everything before thinking it through. Then we lose precious time doing something that

is not adding to our call/purpose. It’s good to serve & volunteer, but when you’re pouring

into others more than yourself then it’s a problem. Don’t put too much on your plate.

Just say no.


Last but most importantly, submit your life to Jesus! He needs to know that if you had

nothing, no money, designer bags, big houses & successful businesses that you would

still be content because you have Him. All success isn’t good success. There are

people who are rich but they don’t have Jesus. If they lost it all they would be empty. Fill

yourself up with Him. He will never leave you!!

2018 will be a year where we feel alive! Continue to grow & learn & move closer to your dreams! Somebody somewhere needs you to be obedient to your calling.

As a great woman of God once said, “Everyone that comes across me shall thank God for my life”

-Funke Adejumo

Remember that God Loves you & has your back!


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