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Welcome to Profitable Daughters! My name is Brittany Walugembe, and I am the founder of PD. Not very long ago I was a single mom struggling with my identity and purpose. But God changed my story and I am now a Licensed social worker, certified life coach, wife to a amazing husband, mom to 3 boys, and First Lady to God's own church!


My hearts desire is to watch your story change and witness you walking in your God given purpose. Please read our story below and enjoy the services offered to you!

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Profitable Daughter's Beginning

In 2016, Brittany Walugembe was a single mom who struggled with her why. She had come to the end of going through so much mentally, financially, and emotionally. She then had a encounter with God that changed her life forever. She immediately began doing the hard work on her and by 2017 her life had changed for the better; She submitted her life to God FULLY,  met and married an amazing man who adores her, and began walking in her purpose. It was at this time that Profitable Daughters (AKA blog was created. 


The word profitable (beneficial; useful) came as God was describing to Brittany who she, and millions of women were unto Him. He explained that He had so much in store for our lives if only we believed His word and followed His ways. 


 Today, He continues to download piece by piece His plan for what has become a online resource platform for women who are struggling with their purpose and fighting for their destiny.


We are so happy you're here! And we want you to know that Profitable Daughters is determined to see you live out your BEST life. A Profitable Daughter isn't some perfect woman whose life has no flaws. She is a fighter, a woman who takes every test and trial of life and makes something beautiful out of it. Regardless of the heartache, or the past, there is a purpose for it all. And God will use every bit of your story to be profitable unto Him. You are His Daughter, and He loves you beyond words.


Congratulations in advance to the BEST version of you!


Welcome to Profitable Daughters.  

How we can work together

Our mission to to see you living a life of freedom! Check out what we offer below.

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The Profitable Woman Course is a mobile course that teaches women the fundamentals of becoming a Profitable Daughter. Topics covered are Mindset, Identity, Goal Setting, and Walking consistently with Christ  

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This service is available to women ages 18-30, individually or as a group. Our program empowers women to address barriers and achieve goals. Mentorship is available in the areas of career development, life skills, and single motherhood. 



Resources are available to help you build a lifestyle of prayer and sacrifice.



Let's connect.

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